How It Works

Working with us feels like...
crossing the finish line hitting a grand slam grandma's apple pie singing Bruce Springsteen enjoying the seventh-inning stretch relaxing at a summer BBQ watching Elvis dance drinking a beer after a hard day's work winning

Point is, working with us feels pretty damn good. And whether you have a clear vision of what you want or none at all, we’re here to make sure you win when it comes to hand-to-brand combat. Consider us your honest, collaborative, knowledgeable friends in advertising. The ones who have your best interest at heart. Now, let’s see how it all works.

Step 1

You need a product for, say, an upcoming event.

Maybe you’re taking your company to an expo and you need branded signage and swag to dress up your booth. Maybe you have a fundraising event and you need merch for your attendees. Or maybe you just want to hype up your employees with some company gear. Whatever it is, you’re in need of product.

Step 2

You pick a product (or we help you pick one).

Do you have links or screenshots of products you like and want to use? Perfect. Do you have a rough idea of what you want and nothing more? That’s perfect, too. We have a digital catalog of AAC-verified products, so you can browse until you find the perfect item(s) for your brand. Or, if you just want to sit back, we can pull some products for your consideration and review!

Step 3

We do the heavy lifting.

Once we lock down your general idea, it’s all smooth sailing. Well, ideally it’ll have always been smooth sailing, but now it’s the kind of sailing where you just eat and tan. During this phase, we ensure your selected products are in line with your brand goals, use your design or offer a custom design of our own, send virtual samples, and create custom branded kits.

Step 4

We deliver your custom branded goods to your doorstep.

Boom! Branded merch is in your hands and ready to give away. Not only do you receive your custom branded merchandise straight to your door, you also get other useful services like web store assistance, sales data analysis, and custom reporting.

 Have Questions?

Not sure where to start? Need feedback on certain products? Want additional information on some of our services? We’re a click away.

Let's Go Below the Surface

Picture the promotional advertising industry as a humongous iceberg. A $25 billion hunk of ice made up of large and small businesses, marketing strategies, branding needs, target audiences, product trends… and lots and lots of swag. Most custom merchandise companies only show you the tip of the iceberg.

Not us. We show you the whole damn thing. We explain to you exactly how we source, design, manage, and deliver your promotional products and print media. It’s your business, your brand, and your money. And we think you deserve to see the big picture and the fine print.

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