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A Real American Story

Flashback to 1977. That’s when our dad, Jerry Frank, started American Advertising Co. “The Idea People” is how he described it. He’s the guy on the right (the one with the killer ‘stache). The guy on the left is his friend, Harry. Harry used to say, “You can’t take ‘thanks’ to the bank.” We do love a good motto around here. Flashforward to 2013. That’s when we, Eric and Brad, took over the business. A lot has happened since 1977, but we know two things for certain: Our pens have since been updated and we wear a lot less plaid. American Advertising Co. is local to Philadelphia, but it’s national by name. And we’re proud as all heck to be family-owned for over 40 years.

Truth be told, we think being family-run makes us the ideal partners for your custom branding needs. Why? Because we treat our clients like family. It’s our belief that if you’re going to introduce promotional products into your marketing strategy—and spend lots of your hard-earned money doing it—then you deserve a devoted coach with an all-star lineup who will give you the respect and guidance needed to see it through. Believe it or not, we really do care about your sanity and success as much as you do.

The main function of our company is to source, design, manage, and deliver branded merchandise. Technically, we’re middle-men. We bring buyers and highly skilled manufacturers and decorators together. But like you, we understand the struggle to do more. We know how important it is to innovate, engage, and create a memorable brand identity. Partner with us and we’ll give you unparalleled product knowledge, research, guidance, and attention. Your brand is as unique as you are. We think it deserves a little spotlight.

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What We Bring to The Huddle

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Product Research

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Product Testing

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Creative Design

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Samples & Virtuals

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Personalized Attention

 The Lineup 

Owner Eric Frank

Eric Frank

CEO, Director of Business Development
Owner Brad Frank

Bradley Frank

President, Director of Branding & Marketing
Director of Finance & Ops Jeannine Squtiere

Jeannine Squitiere

Director of Finance & Operations
Graphic Designer Sydney Powell

Sydney Powell

Graphic Designer
Account Executive Mary Straub

Mary Straub

Account Executive

 Step Up to the Plate.

We make buying promotional material for your business easy. We’d go so far as to say easy peasy. Why? Because we offer service beyond delivering products. Strategy, impact, and engagement is the name of the game. Whether you know what you want or haven’t a clue, we’ll work with you to come up with a grand-slam kinda plan. You can apply pre-existing artwork or use our designer to bring your vision to life. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

Grand-slam Services

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Promotional Goods

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Displays & Signage

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Premiums & Gift Cards

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Uniforms & Custom Apparel

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Employee Recognition

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Custom Product Design

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Brand Development & Execution

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Event Experience & Activation

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 Ready to get started? 

Let's Go Below the Surface

Picture the promotional advertising industry as a humongous iceberg. A $25 billion hunk of ice made up of large and small businesses, marketing strategies, branding needs, target audiences, product trends… and lots and lots of swag. Most custom merchandise companies only show you the tip of the iceberg.

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Not us. We show you the whole damn thing. We explain to you exactly how we source, design, manage, and deliver your promotional products and print media. It’s your business, your brand, and your money. And we think you deserve to see the big picture and the fine print.

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